Thursday, June 6, 2013

Roman Zaric- Larisa PTU Tutorial

I used PSP9 to make this tag, but it should work in all versions

Supplies Needed
Tubeup and close of choice: I am using Larisa by Roman Zaric . You can purchase this tube and many more at his store HERE.
Please note you must have a license to use any art purchased from Roman's Store

Scrapkit-  I am using Larisa_Kit which goes with the Tube , this scrapkit can be purchased WITH the tube at  store (Link above)

My template HERE.

Fonts Used
Bethany Style Letter

VM Extravaganza- Transmission
DSB Flux- Bright Noise

Lets Get Started!!
Open up template, delete copyright layer
Open up your tube, and select a color from it
On your 1st layer, Select all, and flood fill with colour. Select None.

Use the following VM Extravaganza Transmission settings

Copy and paste tube of choice as a new layer and move into position
Crop image 600 x 250.

Magic wand inside of the two diamonds and hit delete on tube layer. Change the opacity of your tube to 80%

On the actual template layer. Select all, float and defloat
Select another colour from your tube
Flood fill. select none.
Delete template layer.

Duplicate two times for a total of 3 layers.
On the first layer, use the following DSB Flux- Bright Noise Settings

On the second layer, hit mix
On the third layer, hit mix.
Hide the 2 duplicate layers

Add some elements of choice. I used a flower and the butterfly.

Now is the time to add ©Information and your name

I used Pixelade size 10 for my © Information and added a gradient glow
For the name, I used ""

Open up animation shop

In psp, make sure the duplicate layers are hidden, edit, copy merged
Paste as a new animation in animation shop

back to psp, hide the first fritillary layer and unhide the 1st duplicate
edit, copy merged
paste after current animation in animation shop

back to psp, hide the first duplicate layer and unhide the 2nd duplicate
edit, copy merged
paste after current animation in animation shop

In animation shop
File, save as
and follow the prompts to save your tag.

Before you close your tag in paint shop, make sure you save a backup incase you are offering your tag as a WWO: )

and your done..

Thankyou for trying my tutorial.

This tutorial was written by Shmelly aka Prettyblueeyes86 on the 6th June 2013
Please do not claim as your own.


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